Mama taped her scriptures and prayers on the wall. My idea is much cuter!
Mama taped her scriptures and prayers on the wall. My idea is much cuter!

Every now and then, I think I’m Martha Stewart, so here is my latest project. I recently purchased these great curtains for my bedroom from West Elm, and I had all of these leftover cardboard sheets from the packages. Right away I knew I could do something with them. That’s when the Lord placed it on my heart to make a “Prayer” wall.

By now, everyone has seen the movie “War Room.” It’s about standing in your God-given authority and battling in life through prayer. The main character in the movie creates a war room in her master bedroom closet where she tapes prayers and scriptures on the wall for her husband and family. She spends a lot of time in the room petitioning God and praying the scriptures over her family and life.

Since I had so many pieces of cardboard, I thought my prayer boards would be a much more decorative way of hanging prayer requests. So, here’s how to make them.

Step 1 Supplies
This not a sponsored post, but I purchased all of these items from Michaels. I’m sure Target, Hobby Lobby or any other craft store will carry most of this stuff. I purchased paint, decorative paper, decorative clothes pins, glue, ruler, pattern-cutting scissors, paint brushes, stamps, an ink pad, and decorative string. I used my drill to make holes in the boards, but you can also use a hole puncher.

Step 2 Drilling Holes
Drill or punch holes about one inch from the top. I did this first, but you really can wait until you add the borders because I had to drill holes into the borders later. Your choice.

Step 3 Drilling 3
Check out my well-drilled hole.

Step 4 Painting Boards
Now, it’s time to paint the boards. I had eight of them. I chose blue because it’s my favorite color, and it matches everything in my bedroom.

Step 5 Drying Boards
Here are my finished boards.

Step 6 Creating Borders
I chose this gold paper as my border. Use the pattern-cutting scissors to cut the paper into 1-inch strips.

Step 7 Glueing Borders
Check out my borders.

Step 8 Glueing Borders Part 2
Glue your borders onto each board.

Step 9 Glueing Clothes Pin
Take your decorative clothes pins and glue them on the board. One pin is going to hold the prayer and one pin will hold the picture of the person, place, thing or circumstance you’re praying for.

Step 10 Stringing the Boards
Once you finish gluing the clothes pins on each board, string up the boards. I put four boards on each string. I also purchased fancy tacks to hang my prayer boards.

Step 11 Hanging the Pictures
Once you hang your boards, add the pictures of the people or things you are praying for. I had some pictures printed at Walgreens. You can get them the same day, and they’re very cheap.

Step 12 Stamps
After I hung up my prayer boards and added my pictures, I realized I hadn’t used my “Live, Laugh, Love” stamps yet. So I stamped each board with a different word.

Step 13 Final
Here’s the final outcome. I typed up my prayers and printed them on computer paper. Then, I cut them out and hung them above each picture. Now, in the morning, I can go to my prayer boards and make these declarations over my children, family and life circumstances. Because I used the clothes pins, I can switch out the pictures and prayers as different issues, requests and life circumstances arise. My master bedroom is quickly becoming my “War Room.”

What do you think? If you need a church project, here ya go! Please let me know if you used it.

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