My little ones start school next week, and I, like many parents, are filled with trepidation. My youngest starts Kindergarten, and I’m praying she can adjust to school and will be emotionally strong enough and wise enough to deal with students and teachers. I do my best to equip them to handle people and certain situations, but I’m always concerned if they’ll be able to stand firm in their beliefs about who they are, their worth, intelligence and self-esteem. School is starting all over the country, and just this morning I read a heartbreaking story of a nine-year old who committed suicide from bullying. This and many other reasons are why I believe it’s imperative that we start the school year off seeking God and asking Him to be with our children, teachers and administrators as we go back to school.

Here’s a back-to-school prayer.

Eternal God, our Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the summer’s rest. We thank you for the ability to recharge, renew and rest from the hectic school schedules. We thank you for the opportunity for our children and teachers to take trips and participate in activities, hobbies and passions that feed their souls.

Now God, as we prepare for the upcoming school year, we pray that you would stir up our children’s hearts and minds. We pray you would stir up their gifts. Give them a hunger and thirst for learning in addition to a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Help them to be alert in the classroom. Bring things to their remembrance. Give them confidence. Help them understand that everyone at some point needs help. Let them know it’s OK to ask for help. Give them a steadfast and studious spirit. We pray they would not succumb to laziness or idleness.

Lord, we pray for the safety of school-age children and teachers everywhere. Gun violence is so prevalent in our land. It seems as if people are out of control. However, God we know you’re sovereign. We know you’re in control. We pray you would be a hedge of protection around our children and the teachers and administrators who make great sacrifices to teach them. Hide them under your shadow for you are the Almighty. Guard our children’s hearts, bodies, minds and spirits. Let no hurt, harm or danger come nigh them. Lord, help us as parents to trust in you. Give us peace and a rested mind. Do not let us succumb to a spirit of fear. But, help us to know we have a spirit of love, power and a sound mind in you.

Lord, we pray for hurting children who hurt other children through bullying. We pray the Holy Spirit would touch them and reveal to them who they can be in you. We pray you would impact their homes and environments. Make their spaces places of love, peace and rest. Lord, help us to equip our children to stand against the wiles of the devil, and equip us to teach them how to use the weapons of spiritual warfare.

Lord, we pray for a successful school year. We pray for provision, strength, endurance, faith, patience, love and peace for children, parents, teachers and administrators. We pray for all persons who serve, care for and teach our children. We pray you would bless and equip us throughout the school year.

We thank you Lord for all these blessings.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


God, be with both of my babies as they start school.

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