If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you know there’s nothing more satisfying than painting a bathroom or repairing that damaged piece of furniture. But little problems that crop up now and again can take the fun out of those bigger projects. These 17 simple but effective hacks will make your DIY life easier.

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Coffee-coffee Table

Make a thick paste by combining coffee and water and smear this concoction into scratches on your tabletops. Make sure you fill the scratches and repeat several times if necessary before you lay on the varnish. Shoe polish also works a treat, which has the added bonus of coming in colours other than ‘coffee’.

Screw holes T’ing you off?

Push a golf tee in an empty screw hole. That might look better already but don’t stop there: saw off the protruding bit with your hacksaw and then file down the rough edge. This works best if your wall is white, but you can always dab a touch of paint on top if your wall is another colour.

Thread the Needle First Time

Spray your cotton with hair spray before trying to thread it: the cotton will harden slightly, making it easier to aim for that tiny little hole.

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Fix Your Pull Cord Switch

When your bathroom pull cord gets a little stiff (as can happen over time) don’t think you have to replace it. The little inner spring may just have gotten stuck. Undo the screws attaching the switch to the back plate and apply lubricating spray like WD40. It’s worth remembering that there are limits to the complexity of electrical work that it’s safe to yourself. Most jobs will require the help of a skilled pro, like Level 2 Electrician Hornsby.

Noisy Door Hinges

Talcum powder works like magic to quieten those squeaky door hinges. Or you could also try vegetable or olive oil, but make sure you apply with a rag, as if it runs down the door it can leave streaks.

Stop Skidding on That Rug

Apply double-sided tape to the underside of the rug and it will stay in place on the floor, without holding too fast so as to cause tripping.

The Dreaded Dripping Tap

Dental floss is your best friend when it comes to dripping taps. Wrap one end of the dental floss around the dripping faucet, then send the rest of the length down into the drain. Then watch in amazement as those drips stick to the floss and roll down the drain. This is not a permanent fix of course, but it will get rid of that annoying drip… drip in the meantime.

Fresh Paint

Know that feeling when you have loads of paint left over for the next painting project but when you come to use it, it’s gone stodgy? Make sure your paint stays fresh after use by dropping a couple of tablespoons of methylated spirits onto the surface. Leave it to sit there, rather than stirring in. And yeah, that stuff is purple, but don’t worry, the colour of your paint won’t be affected.

Keep Your Rollers and Brushes Moist

On a related note, wrap those paintbrushes and rollers in cling film. You’ll find that they don’t dry out as easily and won’t have to run water to moisten them.

Whether you’re a DIY novice or a veteran home improvement specialist, a true DIY enthusiast is always in the market for some hacks to improve those handy skills. These surprising tips will make your DIY more rewarding than ever.

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