Bothered by you rosacea symptoms? Sometimes, all you need is the right daily skincare routine to control your symptoms and avoid flares.

Because the main problem with rosacea is that it can leave your already sensitive, more sensitive, and inflamed, you will need to approach your skincare with a light touch and patience. Basic, gentle skincare habits could help rosacea symptoms in most people, while some might require prescription topicals. On the other hand, aggressive skincare habits can easily make your rosacea symptoms worse. With that said, here are some basic skincare rules to help you manage your rosacea.

1. Having the right cleanser is a must.

Using the right cleanser is vital. To start, you can use a mild facial wash that has synthetic, but mild ingredients for cleansing the face thoroughly. You can also opt for a very mild soap that won’t dry out your skin. Whichever kind of cleanser you go with, select one that’s fragrance-free or very mildly scented since fragrance can easily trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and aggravate your symptoms. You should likewise avoid skincare products that can potentially irritate your skin, such as:

  • Products with alcohol and potentially drying ingredients. These include astringents, tea tree, and witch hazel. When trying out products, stay away from anything that stings, reddens, and gives your face a burning sensation. Essentially, when your skin is dry, it can get extremely irritated very easily.
  • Exfoliants and facial scrubs. In particular, avoid products with synthetic beads and ground nutshells or fruit pits. These are developed to aggressively slough off the skin’s topmost layer and can easily irritate your skin.

2. Be gentle when washing your face.

Using a gentle facial cleanser, gently massage your skin for a few minutes to get rid of off accumulated oil and dirt on your face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Next, dry your face by blotting it with a soft clean towel and air dry for a couple of minutes. Take note that your skin is at its most absorbent state post-wash, so avoid putting medicated products to avoid irritation and burning.

3. Take excellent care of your skin’s moisture barrier.

Barrier repair facial lotions and creams could help restore the skin’s damaged moisture barrier so that it will become more resilient to rosacea flares. Try the Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream from Korean skincare giant COSRX.

This lightweight, but very moisturizing cream is packed with honey extract and ceramides that can help moisturize and nourish your skin. These ingredients are also capable of forming some kind of moisture shield for trapping in moisture and preventing moisture loss.

4. Always use sunscreen.

When you have rosacea, your skin could be especially sensitive to UV damage from sun exposure. That being said, you should always apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of at least 30 when your face is going to be exposed to the sun.

Opt for a sunscreen without fragrance or alcohol if possible. If you currently use a prescription product for your rosacea, apply that first and let it sink in for at least five minutes before applying sunscreen.

By being kind to your skin and pampering it with a lot of TLC, you can effectively manage your rosacea symptoms and reduce flares.

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