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If you are looking to bring something positive to your life after the difficulty of 2020; adopting a pet and bringing it into your family home might be the best thing you can do. 

2021 is a time for a fresh start and there are so many brilliant opportunities to grow and change even during the midst of the pandemic .

Adopting a dog and saving it’s life is a noble thing to do, and having a pet in your home can really change the dynamic of the space as well as your life in a positive way. 

Today we want to talk about dogs and how they can genuinely change your life for the better this year. Dogs are amazing creatures and will bring happiness and love to our lives in many ways – and we want to show you some of the ways a dog can benefit you this year. 

They make a house a home 

One thing you will notice when you adopt a dog is that your house feels more like a home. There is something different about having a pet living in your house that makes it feel more like a home. The sense of warmth and family you get from a dog is amazing and it will really make you feel happier overall. 

They make you happy 

As we mentioned above – a dog will make you happy. Imagine how brilliant it would be to have an animal in your home that loves you unconditionally more than life itself. A dog sees you as it’s savour and it’s parent, and they love you more than anything – you’ll see this affection when your dog looks up into your eyes and it will make you happier. It has been proven that spending time with a dog actually promotes the release of serotonin in the body which is a happy hormone. 

They offer relaxation 

If you decide to either adopt a dog from a rescue or buy a puppy from a site such as this you will gain a relaxing presence in your home like no other. Dogs release happy hormones and they also help to reduce stress. If you do suffer from stress due to your job or something else in your life it can be a great idea for you to get a dog and you will soon see a difference in your mental state. Dogs are amazing animals and will always find a way to help you feel relaxed and safe. 

They love you unconditionally 

The one thing that is amazing about dogs is their unconditional love. What could be better than having a creature see you as their whole world? When you get home from work or you sit down after a long day your dog will be with you every step of the way simply because they want to be with you all the time. 

They make you exercise 

One of the health benefits of having a dog is making you get out of the house and get some fresh air. Dogs need plenty of exercise every day to keep their muscles strong and their body healthy and to do that you need to take them outside on walks several times a day. If you feel like you have turned into a little couch potato during the pandemic, this is a great way to get you outside and help maintain a healthy heart. 

They teach you responsibility 

When adopting a dog you can really take a step up in adulthood and learn real responsibility. A dog is an animal that won’t be able to look after itself or clean up after itself so it will depend on you for care. To care for another living thing is a brilliant skill to learn and it will help you to develop a sense of responsibility both in your professional life and your personal life. This is a life skill everyone needs and a dog can provide you with this. 

They make you social 

The thing you will notice about dog owners is that they are very social and often dog owners know a lot of other dog owners in the local area. Due to the frequency of your walks and where you generally walk your dog – you are likely to see the same people and dogs round and about every day. You’ll soon get to know the people and the dogs in your area and your dog will make some new friends too. If you are a bit of an introvert this can be a great way to bring you out of your shell and make you feel more confident around other people. 

They lower blood pressure 

One of the great things about having a dog that you might not have thought about is that it can lower your blood pressure. A dog is a pet that will not only get you up and moving every day, but they reduce stress on the body and both of these things can work to reduce blood pressure. If you are prone to high blood pressure bringing a dog into your home is the perfect thing for you to do. 

They help you lose weight 

One of the things you can benefit from when having a dog in your life is help with weight loss. Losing weight is always difficult and after Christmas especially we all want to try and trim down and lose some of that excess weight. A dog is the perfect companion for weight loss because you can take your dog with your for walks, runs, you can play with them, and they will help you when you workout at home. 

They give you purpose 

The main thing a dog can do for you in times like these is give you a sense of purpose. Having another life to look after can make you feel good about yourself and give you a reason to go on and try to live the best life you can. 

Consider adopting or buying a dog this month and make your house into a home.

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