A ‘me day’ or self-care day can be essential to good mental health. Giving yourself time for yourself allows you to relax, refocus, and recharge so you can be your best self.

Here Are A Few Suggestions On How To Plan A Great “Me Day”:

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1. Plan Out Your Day: 

Spend some time pre-planning activities that will help you unwind and enjoy the day, such as massage therapy or yoga classes or simply watching movies – anything that leaves you feeling relaxed yet energized should be part of this plan.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep: 

It is recommended to take ample restful rest the night before your me-day so you have enough energy for all of the relaxing activities planned throughout the day.

3. Unplug from Work:

A personal day should provide an opportunity to relax from work-related stressors, so it’s wise to largely disengage from it throughout its duration – this means limiting email, phone calls and social media for at least 24 hours!

4. Spend Time Outdoors: 

For maximum relaxation on an otherwise ordinary day, why not spend some of your me-day outdoors in nature? Exposing oneself to sunlight helps relieve stress and restore balance – ideal when taking a break from work or other duties!

5. Make contact with friends and family:

Spending quality time with loved ones is one of the best ways to take a me day, as it enables you to connect, relax, and unwind without feeling like time is passing you by.

6. Meditate or Practice Mindfulness:

Take time for yourself each day to meditate or engage in mindful activities such as yoga to help bring peace to both body and mind, helping to bring you more fully into the present moment.

7. Visit Or Discover New Places:

Discovering somewhere new can be an ideal way to escape the daily grind and experience something different. Choose an oasis such as a park or garden and spend some time taking in its sights and sounds – they might just surprise you!

8. Pamper Yourself: 

Just because it is “me day”, doesn’t mean you should ignore self-care activities like moisturizing, styling your hair or applying makeup if these make you feel better about yourself. Set aside time during this me day for these activities as well as making a straighten teeth appointment.

9. Read Something Fascinating:

Finding time in your day to read something you find fascinating can be both relaxing and educational. Be it novels, magazines or newspaper articles – set aside some time and read something that stimulates you!

10. Journal: 

Journaling can be an effective way of expressing yourself and processing any emotions or thoughts that are keeping you from fully enjoying each day. Take some time each day to write in a journal without judgement – whatever comes to you just let it out there!


Scheduling a “me day” can be an ideal way to reset and recharge. With these 10 tips in mind, taking one is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and prepared to take on whatever comes your way next.

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