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The Bible contains more archetypal stories than any other book, from Cain and Abel to Job and the Whale. But communicating them to children can be challenging. While kids love bible stories, the regular adult version of the book can feel inaccessible to them. 

Fortunately, there are several things parents can do to teach their kids the most inspiring stories from a good book without requiring them to sit down and read official translations. Kids often benefit enormously from learning a simplified version of the Message and going from there. 

So what, exactly, should you be doing to help your kids learn more from the bible? Let’s take a look. 

Give Them A Solid Foundation Of The Basics

Going through the bible and trying to learn the basics for yourself can take a long time. The book is over a thousand pages, and some of the language can get complicated. 

That’s why it’s helpful to give children some insight into the basics. Focusing on the deeper meanings behind everything the book says can provide valuable context. Parents can do things like show pictures or read condensed storybooks from sites like www.biblestorybooks.com which are child-friendly. 

The trick is to make learning fun and interactive. Then, kids will engage with the material. 

Choose A Lesson That Relates To Their Lives

The next step is to choose lessons that relate to your child’s life. The Bible is full of timeless truths, and many of them are applicable to kids. 

For instance, the story of David and Goliath is one that always resonates with kids. David is much smaller than the giant, Goliath, but still manages to defeat him using superior tactics. 

Stories to do with forgiveness, such as the parable of the prodigal son, are also helpful for children. These show that even when they do something wrong, their parents and God will forgive them. 

Teach Them How To Apply The Lessons They Learn

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Another tactic or approach parents can use is to teach their children how to apply the lessons they learn. Sometimes, bible study can seem abstract. However, showing kids what the lessons mean in practice can make it feel more real to them. 

For instance, you could model behavior embodied by Jesus in the bible, showing people how to care for others adequately. You could also talk about the importance of sharing, especially toys. 

Pray With Them Sometimes

Praying with children is another good way to reinforce lessons in the bible. During prayer, kids are more likely to pay attention to your words and take them seriously. Praying is a powerful way to connect the soul with God and sometimes receive wisdom, advice, or assistance. Children should understand that prayer is a form of worship and enables people to have a personal relationship with the divine. 
While it might sometimes seem hard to teach kids the most inspiring bible lessons, the key is to be persistent and take breaks, according to www.thebettermom.com. Once you spark their imagination, they will be significantly more interested in the spiritual and religious side of life.

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