Partner Post: Getting Around Redecoration The Easy Way

Flickr Image Redecoration can be a significant job. It requires emptying all furniture from a room and finding new places for it. You’ll also need to lay sheets and strip old wallpaper. And, that’s before you’ve even started on the decoration. Even if you work hard, this project can take two or three days. And, that’s a reality many homeowners just don’t have time for. It’s no surprise, then, … [Read more...]

Partner Post: How To Freshen Up Your Bedroom For Summer

Image Summer is finally here, and it's the perfect time to introduce some new-season comfort and style into your home. Your bedroom in particular, you want to be a haven from the long days of heat - cool, calm and stylish. These tips will help you to get a room that supports your sleep and helps you rest through the hot summer nights. Dial Up The Cool First of all, if you haven’t already … [Read more...]

Partner Post: 5 Details That Make A Dining Area Perfect

Image source When we visit people’s houses, we always have a little nosey at their dining area. We love it. It’s that place where people either make a great effort or leave it utterly forgotten until three days before Thanksgiving. Obviously, we prefer the former. It doesn’t matter whether you have a stand-alone dining room or one that’s incorporated into your open-plan living space, the dining … [Read more...]