Your “Pancake” Isn’t Ready Yet: Waiting on God

In my ministerial experience, I find that many people struggle with hearing from God. Many people feel like God is absent or silent about what’s going on in their life. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. God speaks all of the time. However, are we paying attention? God taught me a lesson this morning through a very mundane motherly task. My children woke me up bright and early this … [Read more...]

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here are some new pics of the family. We had a little staycation in Cambridge, MD during my friend’s wedding. The other little fella in the pictures is my nephew. However, before you gaze at the pics, here is a quick Word from the Lord. I, like many others, am going through a rather tumultuous time in my life – grief, shut doors, rejection, struggle and major life transitions. Of course, I’m … [Read more...]

God’s Perfect Timing

Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned so many things about the Lord and about myself. It is amazing to watch my son mature and develop. I think that it’s hilarious that as soon as he started walking, he thought he could run. So many times, he would dart down the hallway only to find himself falling flat on his belly. Isn’t that how we behave when we learn something new in the Spirit? We discover … [Read more...]