Courtesy of Baby Zone
Courtesy of Baby Zone

There’s a video circulating on the internet of a baby in a pool who learned how to turn herself over and float. The video encourages parents to introduce their children to swimming as a means to prevent accidental drowning deaths. It’s a great idea! Well, I think parents should do the same for staircases. Staircases can be just as deadly as swimming pools. Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, presented a recent study that said staircase related injuries pose a significant risk for toddlers.

I live in a townhouse with four floors. This can be a parent’s nightmare if you have little ones. I do make use of toddler gates. I have a gate at the top of one of my staircases to keep my three year old upstairs at night. However, I don’t want to gate off my entire house. So, instead of making my one year old scared of the stairs, I taught her how to maneuver them. Of course, I am always present to assist her, and she will need close monitoring for some time. But, I think it’s good to acquaint her with the basics steps of getting down the stairs (pun intended).

She’s never had a problem going up the stairs. She started climbing the stairs around seven or eight months. Going down the stairs presented a problem. Here’s my solution. It’s called the “Sit, Turn and Scoot” method.

Check it out, and let me know if you use this method for your little ones!

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