The countdown to Christmas is getting smaller every day – for anyone involved; you’ve got only a couple of weeks to get ready. Your home is probably feeling the hectic influence of Christmas. For everyone, it’s about getting ready with the last preps and ensuring that you’ve got all the presents for your friends and relatives.

So, inviting your in-laws for Christmas dinner can only add to your stress levels. Indeed, for many, having the parents of your sweetheart with you for Christmas can lead to anxiety. But relax. Remember that Christmas is a family holiday. Impressing them is all about keeping things simple and relatable for your in-laws. Here’s a little guide to help you prepare for the family holiday in the best spirit.

Christmas preps

Dress to impress without overdoing it

Of course, the Christmas dinner is not designed to be a fancy-schmancy celebration. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan your outfit carefully. Keeping your outfit effortless and straightforward can make a great deal of difference in making your in-laws feel welcome and comfortable. Additionally, it ensures that you convey the right message about Christmas; it’s about family and togetherness. A simple but elegant outfit goes precisely in the right direction. Remember as well that if you’re receiving, you need to dress practically for the occasion too. Keep your heels in the closet; flat shoes will make you more relatable and will ensure you can move easily.

Plan a thoughtful and appreciated gift

What’s the best present for your in-laws? It’s a traditionally difficult question that gets most couples scratching their heads. Your in-laws are most likely to have already everything they need. But you can mark the occasion with something thoughtful and elegant, such as a big Kahuna gift basket which consists of the favorite Hawaiian specialties from macadamia nuts to freshly roasted coffee. A thoughtful hamper of perishables always makes a good impression and is sure to hit their sweet spot too!

Keep everyone happy with a yummy dinner

Cooking for the family is always delicate. When you invite your in-laws for dinner, you need to make sure your cooking skills are up for the challenge. More importantly, you might need to change some of your favorite Christmas hits for something that meets all dietary requirements. You can find plenty of excellent ideas online – Jamie Oliver is an excellent place to start . You can prepare a food allergy friendly gravy, for instance. For relatives who don’t eat carbs, you can replace the mash potatoes with grilled cauliflower.  

Prepare your Christmas table

Merry and bright bedroom decor

Last, but not least, you need to prepare the guest room if your sweetheart’s parents are staying over. As a rule of the thumb, you want to keep the room decor simple and clutter-free. This gives you room to bring subtle seasonal decorations without taking over the entire room. The traditional Christmas colors involve red and green, but for small bedrooms, you might want to pick a silver and pale blue combination instead.

Inviting your in-laws over for Christmas can be stressful. But keeping your preps, dinner, and decor simple can go a long way. Additionally, you can also find a simple gift that meets their expectations too. Simplicity is key to the best Christmas you can have with your sweetheart’s parents.

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