Every relationship is different. If you would like to make the most out of yours and ensure that it is right on track, it might be a good idea to take a break every now and then. You cannot see the wood from the trees if you are in the middle, so take some time off and make sure that you are able to do some soul searching without the other person present. This will help you see clearer about the future and the other person. Find a few tips below.

You Cannot Think Clearly

If you feel like your thoughts are clouded when it comes to your relationship and would like to get more clarity and make better decisions, you will have to take a step back from your partner. Spend the night with a friend, book a city break on your own, or simply meditate every day, so you can see what elements or your relationship are helping you grow and which ones are hindering your personal development.

You Feel Dragged Down

One of the signs that you are in a toxic relationship is that you feel dragged down. Some people have graphic dreams telling them that their partner is afraid that they will grow personally and leave them, while others simply feel it. It might be time to listen to what the other person is saying and the feedback they give you when it comes to your motivations, goals, and interests. If you feel like you are surrounded by negativity in your relationship, it might be time to find a counselor and find out the reasons why.  

You Feel a Lack of Motivation

If you don’t feel like doing anything with your partner any more, or you don’t have shared interests, values, and goals, chances are that your relationship has run its course or needs to be revitalized. There are several ways you can realign your personal values and rescue what you have.

You Are Not Sure What You Want

Every now and then we are confused about where our relationship is heading. If you had a clear idea before about how your life would be and you are not moving toward that ideal place, you will have to think whether or not you can accept the change of directions. If you are constantly compromising, you will have to think whether or not this is good for you.

You are Thinking about the What If

A telltale sign of a need for a break is when you start thinking about the “what if”. What if you stayed with your previous partner and things worked out? What if you never met your current lover? What if you stayed single? If you catch yourself thinking about these questions, you will have to redefine your relationship goals and take a break.

No relationship comes with a manual. It is your job to figure out whether or not it is good for you or not. Taking a break every now and then will help you see clearer about yourself and the other person.

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