Did you know that most people develop extreme allergic reactions in the safety of their own homes?

The thing about allergies is that they can happen to anybody and at any age. However, your immune system is more sensitive to potential allergens and toxins during specific periods of your life. For instance, children, who don’t have a fully developed immune system, are more likely to struggle with allergies than adults. The typical adult defenses can vary, especially if you are going through a lot of stress or a chronic illness.

But what makes your home more dangerous is the fact that most homeowners are not aware of the risks in their households. Many don’t even realize they might be inviting allergens inside their homes!

Vacuum everywhere

Avoiding mold and dust mites

On average, most families vacuum their home once a week. If you live in a rural area or if you have a pet, you should clean at least twice weekly to reduce the presence of dust – which attracts dust mites. Your carpet can accumulate a lot of particles. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a vacuum cleaner that can tackle the challenge and remove the dust embedded into the fibers. Otherwise, vacuuming your home becomes a pointless exercise. Additionally, carpets don’t only keep dust, but they also keep moisture in, especially if you have a carpet in the bathroom. Wet carpets can develop an unpleasant smell and attract mold. You can create an air floor to help it dry, as explained here https://carpettogo.com/2017/06/7-tips-drying-wet-carpet-preventing-mold-growth/. But sometimes the best solution to contain the spread of mildew is to replace your carpet.  

Your indoor air is less clean than you thought

While vacuuming helps to remove the dust on the floor, it doesn’t do anything about the particles in the air. Indeed, your indoor air might appear clean to the naked eye, but it could be saturated with toxins and harmful particles. The most common pollutants can come from your gas stove, for instance, and cause serious health issues. Keeping your indoor air clean is essential to the health of your family; you can follow these tips for guidance: https://www.tipsbulletin.com/12-awesome-ways-to-clean-indoor-air-in-your-rooms/ If you want to see rapid results, the addition of houseplants is your best bet!

Avoid using potentially harmful cleaners

Did you know that your chemical cleaning products can release toxic particles in the air? Children especially as very sensitive and can develop a rash or a cough. If you want to clean safely, you should make your cleaning products using harmless ingredients. You have everything you need in the kitchen!

Beware of chemicals

Is your child struggling with food allergies?

Some children are fussy eaters. For parents, it’s a nightmare because they won’t eat the same thing as the rest of the family. However, fussy eaters have sometimes a good reason for avoiding certain foods. Food allergies are common among young children, and you can look out for the signs: http://throwupandtheology.com/2018/partner-post-maybe-theres-more-to-your-fussy-eater-than-meets-the-eye/. A rash is a good indication that something is wrong. Food intolerances such as lactose, for instance, tend to cause more subtle reactions, such as an upset stomach or diarrhea.

In conclusion, we tend to invite allergies inside our homes without even knowing it. From clean carpet to safely cleaning products and safe food, there are many improvements you can make in your household to keep it allergy-free. Are you ready to take the allergy plunge at home?

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