When you’re a parent, it’s always going to be important for you to provide for your children. Because you want the best for them. So you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing all you can to make their lives happier and easier. Yet, what this looks like in practice isn’t always what you think it is. And sometimes, you have to give a little bit of tough love in order to be the best kind of parent. But most importantly of all, you have to be intentional. You have to know what you want to achieve as a parent and what kind of life you want your kids to have, and then you have to plan for it. But, what should those steps be? And what can you do right now, within the next year, to move closer to that.


First of all, you have tutoring. And this doesn’t always have to be because your kids need assistance in a set area. It might be that they’re doing really well in one subject and you want to push that for them. Or that you can see something in them, and they really want to explore that even more.


From here, you’ve then got to different classes that your kids could start too. The idea might be that you could look into extracurriculars that their schools puts on that might bring out their talents or give them new skills. Or it could even be dance classes at a company in your town. Or fencing. Or even something academic that they don’t yet do at school.



Or maybe they want to enter competitions? From cheer competitions to swim meets, there are a lot of sports that they can do competitively. But, it might even be that they want to do writing competitions or music or anything else in an area that they love, and you can arrange that and support them during the process.


Then, another idea that you might like to consider is different camp options for your children. Even if you’ve never thought about camp before and you don’t think it’s for you, or your family. But, if you take a look at different camps, such as America’s Finest Summer Camps, then you can see what’s on offer for your kids. You may find that they can grow and have a great summer that pushes them in new ways, and then their summer is enriched too.


But then also, you could aim to do something completely unique. Here, the idea would be to look into private tuition for something that they’ve always wanted to do. Something that may lead them to a certain career. Something that they are interested in. And we’re not just talking ballet classes or mathletes, but something that they are showing an aptitude for that you want to nurture. Like singing, or art, or writing, or drama, or science. Something that you really want to grow in them. And this, would be one of the best moves you could make for your children’s future.

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