The COVID-19 pandemic brought fear and uncertainty to people all over the globe. As people learned how to navigate their lives with the virus, many found their faith tested time and again. When you have no one to turn to for support, religion can provide solace. However, others have struggled with their faith and spirituality, mainly due to losing jobs and loved ones. In such a time of crisis, here’s how you can build your faith and spirituality.

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Prayer is communication with a spiritual being higher than you; various religions pray to different supernatural beings. However, prayer can help you build your faith and find solace during these uncertain times. Attend online prayer sessions or set aside time to pray alone for you to unburden your heart and let go of your worries.

Engage in worship and praise

Music has a way of helping one calm down, relax, and connect to their deepest emotions. When you’re feeling down, listen to uplifting and calming music. You can connect to different platforms, such as YouTube, and find the music that works for you. Alternatively, you can sing in your room or with family and friends around you. If your community provides praise and worship sessions, be in attendance; seeing other people express their faith through worship and praise can help you build your own.

Read the Bible

The Bible has many teachings from Jesus, Prophets, and Apostles. There’s also a lot to learn from the lives of different individuals. Reading the Bible can offer you the spiritual guidance you need during the pandemic and give you comfort. Read and note down uplifting Bible verses, such as Numbers 6: 24-26, that remind you God is still with you. He still wants to keep you safe, holy, healthy, and unleash blessings in your life.

Practice mindfulness and self-care

In addition to traditional sources of spirituality and religion, you can find comfort and calmness in practicing mindfulness. Your faith can be challenged with many people losing their loved ones, losing jobs, and being cooped up at home. Practice mindfulness and self-care by taking simple measures, such as taking time to breathe in and out, going for a short walk, reading a book, writing down things you’re grateful for, and talking to friends. This way, you can lessen your worry, keep yourself grounded at the moment, and restore your faith.

Attend virtual services and spiritual meetings

With regulations such as maintaining social distance during the pandemic that has seen most people remain at home, congregating is challenging. However, just as people have discovered online platforms to attend work and school meetings, places of worship have utilized them to hold virtual spiritual conferences and services. Suppose you’re struggling with your faith; attending these services and seminars can help you find solace as you get spiritual nourishment from practical information you get from other spiritual leaders.Although you may question a lot of things on some days, practice faith every day. There’s still hope for better days; you just have to believe and look forward to it. Build your faith and spirituality by attending virtual services, being mindful of the present moment, reading your Bible, praying, and engaging in praise and worship.

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