Simple Tips To Turn Your Home Into A Self-Isolation Sanctuary

As social isolation becomes a new normal, we’re all facing up to realizations that we didn’t see coming. For most, these have arrived in the awareness that maybe we aren’t as gifted as we thought when it comes to self-care. Perhaps more pressingly, however, some of us have come to realize that our homes aren’t quite the sanctuaries we imagined them to be.  This is, after all, the longest … [Read more...]

Staying Safe When Exercising

Exercising on a regular basis had a wide range of benefits including social health, emotional and physical. However exercising involves more than just jumping up and getting on with it, it’s important to make sure you are exercising safely in order to keep injury-free and healthy. If it’s painless and safe you’re definitely much more likely to stick to it. Keeping safe is down to understanding … [Read more...]