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The title of this page likely caught your eye because you feel like your home’s exterior is looking lackluster and doesn’t have much curb appeal. You’re probably fed up with how dull and uninspiring your home’s exterior is, and you want to do something about it.

The trouble is, you’re unsure of what you can or should do to transform the outside of your house into something eye-catching and fantastic.

Don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place! The following suggestions are sure-fire ways to brighten up your home’s exterior – even if you’re on a tight budget:

Fix Your Lawn

One of the most typical reasons for a home’s exterior not looking at its best isn’t to do with the house itself but rather what surrounds it. If you’ve got a lawn outside the front of your house, and it’s looking patchy, weedy, and generally tired, now’s the time to fix it!

For example, you could start by removing all weeds growing in your front garden and then spreading some grass seeds over the top before the growing season occurs.

Plant Some Exotic Trees

Once you’ve fixed your lawn, you may decide that some further improvements will make a significant difference to its appearance.

Planting some trees will undoubtedly bring about an instant improvement compared with growing some from seeds. When looking for trees to plant, consider some exotic ones like palm trees.

It’s worth consulting with a gardening expert so that you don’t purchase the wrong types of exotic trees for your lawn.

Install Some New Fencing

By now, your lawn is taking shape and starting to pique the interest of people walking, running, cycling, or driving past your home. If you thought they were the only ways to improve your home’s exterior, it’s worth taking note of the other ideas on this page.

For example, if your wooden fence panels are looking worn and weathered, consider investing in some new residential fencing to give your front yard and lawn areas an instant transformation!

Paint Your Exterior Sidings

Does your home have exterior wood or aluminum sidings on the walls? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they are not looking at their best. Don’t worry, though, because you can give them a new lease of life without buying new ones.

All you need to do is paint them! It makes sense to stick with the same color tones, but it’s also possible to change to a different, perhaps more contemporary color scheme for your exterior sidings.

Whichever color you select, ensure the paint is weatherproof and will protect the underlying construction material.

Add Some Upgrades To Your Porch

Last but not least, if your home’s front door has a porch area, look at ways of how you can improve it. For example, you might want to install LED lighting or upgrade the ceiling or canopy area.

Adding some small potted plants inside or around your porch is another idea that will help brighten up your home’s exterior.

If you prefer you can completely redo the area by employing a custom deck builder. You can then add all the features that you may not be able to add at the moment. This will help you to create a great spot to sit and enjoy summer evenings with your friends and family. You can create a unique design with your deck builder so that it fits in with your current home exterior.


Most of us don’t think about our roof until something happens, but our roof could do with regular inspection and maintenance. The roof has a huge impact on how the exterior of your home looks, and having a roofing company consultation could give the outside of your home a fresh new look!

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