While almost all of us dream about having a house with a beautiful big garden, not everybody enjoys gardening. In fact, there are lots of people who hate getting their hands dirty and don’t want to be worrying about planting new flowers and vegetables every spring. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you do not enjoy gardening, but it does not mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Here, we share some ideas for reluctant gardeners to have their perfect garden. 


Plan your space carefully.

Whether you are starting from scratch or working with an existing garden, planning the space is important. If you want to scale back a garden that is already there, remove all the plants and weeds and rake it out until it is level with your lawn; add some good quality grass seeds, and in a few weeks, you will have a manageable space that your local lawn care company can take care of. 

If you can’t change the landscape of your garden, think about filling up the space with big rocks or boulders. They can add extra texture to a colorful garden and reduce the amount of space you have to plant things. 

Understand the basics

Even if you hate gardening, knowing some of the basics will go a long way. Healthy plants, for example, need space to grow. If they are choked out by weeds, your garden will fail every time. One of the other reasons for a failing garden is that it is overwatered. If the soil can be formed into a loose ball, it is perfect. If it is any wetter than that, hold off watering it for a day or two. It is also a good idea to avoid watering plants in the hottest part of the day, as this can cause the plants to burn. Wait until the evening instead, when it has cooled down a little.

Think carefully about what you are planting

The best way to have a garden that needs very little input is to plant hardy, low-maintenance plants and flowers that are big on impact and color. These include things like verbena, hydrangea, and geraniums. Make sure you look at the tags on the flowers carefully when you are at the garden center, and make sure it is appropriate for the amount of sunlight your garden gets and the soil type. 

Use raised beds

Condensing all your plants into one small area will make them easier to maintain. A raised bed can be packed full of flowers and foliage, but because they are all in one place, they are easy to water and keep on top of. And, by filling the space with plants, weeds will be discouraged from growing, giving you one less thing to think about, so you can get on with relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

It is easy to have a fabulous looking garden while putting in minimum effort. Follow these tips above and you will have a low-maintenance garden that you can enjoy all year round. 

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