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Honestly, one of the most challenging things is getting your child into the right school. You can live in a great district, but it doesn’t always mean that the education your child is getting will even be good. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as a parent. There are always thoughts and constant changes that are happening in public schools, and some of these seem more bad than good. 

So when it comes to your children, maybe a religious school would be fantastic for them, of course, it’s all going to be up to what religion you all follow, such as if you’re thinking a Catholic convent school would be the best fit. So, here’s exactly why this might be a wonderful perk when it comes to your child’s education. 

There’s a Strong Moral and Ethics Foundation

While some public schools try to enact this, they’re not going to be nearly as successful as a private school. Religious schools provide a solid moral and ethical foundation for children; after all, this is what religion is all about. While outreach ministry at your local church can be incredible, honestly, this can go a step beyond because they’re in this environment where this is always the biggest focus. 

They teach values such as honesty, compassion, empathy, and respect for others, which are rooted in religious teachings. These are pillars that every child needs to have in their life so they can make responsible choices as an adult. 

Spiritual Growth

There’s no doubt about it that church can be a wonderful opportunity to get kids involved. But that’s usually two or three times a week at max. While this is still wonderful for fostering spiritual growth, being in a frequent enviroment could very much help more with this. Students have opportunities to explore their faith, participate in religious rituals, and engage in discussions about spirituality and ethics. 

While every religious school is going to vary, it’s usually woven into the education, or there is a daily or weekly service that children can go to to expand their spiritual growth. This isn’t really offered in public schools, and it’s technically not even allowed, but spiritual growth can truly run free and open in a religious school.

Bigger Sense of Community

The classes are much smaller in size, so it gives each teacher the opportunity to learn about their students. Even the staff members get a better opportunity at these schools to know the staff. Unlike public schools- where class size is only getting bigger by the year, leaving students and teachers like they’re strangers, it’s just not like that in a religious school. Students and families share common values and beliefs, creating a sense of belonging and connection. This tight-knit environment allows your child to know that they can be themselves, they can dive into their spiritual size, and they know they’ll be safe. 

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