Partner Post: Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere In Your Home

We’re in the middle of summer, but, sooner rather than later, we’re going to be settling into fall. It really is just around the corner! And when it arrives, it’ll be goodbye to BBQs in the sunshine and swimming at the lake, and hello to cozy nights indoors with the family, and sometimes with our extended family and friends if they’re coming to visit during this period. At such time, there’ll be a … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Converting Your Outbuilding into Amazing Living Space

Image source When people mention outbuilding they tend to think of barns or stables. However, even homes in cities could have outbuildings that are no longer used. They could have originally been coal sheds or storage spaces. Many of these are left to deteriorate, but with some work, these existing outbuildings can be turned into an extra room for your home. Whether you need an office, a playroom … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Getting Around Redecoration The Easy Way

Flickr Image Redecoration can be a significant job. It requires emptying all furniture from a room and finding new places for it. You’ll also need to lay sheets and strip old wallpaper. And, that’s before you’ve even started on the decoration. Even if you work hard, this project can take two or three days. And, that’s a reality many homeowners just don’t have time for. It’s no surprise, then, … [Read more...]