Partner Post: This Is How You Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams If there were one room in the house that you loved the most, which would you choose? For a lot of people, it’s always going to be the living space. Because nothing beats coming home from work after a long day and being able to relax on the couch. Others will say their bedroom because it’s where they really relax and get some rest. But then there are those … [Read more...]

Partner Post: A Serene Place To Clean: Ideas For Your En Suite

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Partner Post: 5 Details That Make A Dining Area Perfect

Image source When we visit people’s houses, we always have a little nosey at their dining area. We love it. It’s that place where people either make a great effort or leave it utterly forgotten until three days before Thanksgiving. Obviously, we prefer the former. It doesn’t matter whether you have a stand-alone dining room or one that’s incorporated into your open-plan living space, the dining … [Read more...]