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Redecoration can be a significant job. It requires emptying all furniture from a room and finding new places for it. You’ll also need to lay sheets and strip old wallpaper. And, that’s before you’ve even started on the decoration. Even if you work hard, this project can take two or three days. And, that’s a reality many homeowners just don’t have time for.

It’s no surprise, then, that many of us deny when our homes need updating. That flaking paint of curling wallpaper may not be worth the effort you’d take to replace it. And, we feel you. Busy people don’t have time for redecoration the moment a room requires it. But, if you’re anything like most, you also resent the idea of living in disrepair. The idea that guests can see how badly you need to redecorate can be embarrassing. As a result, you may avoid certain rooms, or stop inviting people around.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. In truth, there are options for dealing with crumbling decor without redoing the whole room. And, we’re going to look at some of them here.


Accessories can cover a whole multitude of household sins. And, your need to redecorate is one of them. Instead of redoing an entire room because one wall is letting you down, think about covering the issue with accessories. Something like the art paintings found at Artalleys could be perfect for this. Not only do they cover the problem, but they could really enhance your room as a whole. All with no effort on your part. Alternatively, you could use mirrors for the same purpose. By putting a mirror on the offending wall, you can both cover and detract from problem areas.

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Create a feature wall

If one wall is letting your room down, why not consider a feature wall? These are a fantastic way to add personality to your home. Plus, they allow you to address issues without having to redo the rest of the room, as well. All you need to do is find a paint of wallpaper which compliments the rest of the room. This will work especially well if your walls are white or cream as it stands. One red wall could set your room off and complete your look. And, this will save you a lot of effort at the same time.


If you really can’t stand the idea of decorating right now, never underestimate the power of rearranging your rooms. Moving furniture can be a fantastic way to breathe life back into a space. And, if you’re clever here, it could also refresh your decor. Moving sofas from one wall to another allows you to hide grubby marks on one wall while revealing fresh paint on another. Even just moving your coffee table from the middle of the room to the wall could work wonders here. Play around and see what works for you. In no time, those marks will be a thing of your past.

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