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Fall is my favorite season. I love the humidity-free weather, the cool temperatures and fall fashion. As a mom, back-to-school gets me excited too. I love purchasing school supplies and new clothes for my children. I hope this partner post helps you get ready for the coming season! –Rev. Mrs. Mommy

Even though, we are in the midst of a sizzling hot summer, just around the corner is the fall, and straight after that winter – meaning now is a great time to start preparing your home and garden for fall.

See, we often have maintenance and home improvement jobs to do in order to prepare for the colder months, yet rather than leave it until the cold weather hits, it’s better to take care of things now whilst the weather is dry and the nights are light… as few people enjoy working in the dark, on a cold and wet winters evening.

In fact, now can be a great time to look at reviews of products you’ll need for fall such as a backpack leaf blower ( that can really help in what can feel like the never ending chore of clearing fallen leaves from your property.  In fact, it’s often best to do this research now, rather than at the last minute, as this way you are much more prepared for when you need to go out and buy one.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll want to do around your home and garden to prepare for fall.

Prepare Your Open Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, then you will need to keep on top of keeping the chimney clean, as if there are any blockages they can actually cause a chimney fire – which is not something you want.  The majority of people outsource this specialist task to a chimney sweep, who with his equipment can make light work of the task.

The reason to consider doing this before the cold weather comes back, is to prepare in advance, so that when it does get cooler you can light the fire straight away without having to wait around for someone to come around, particularly as most people will be calling at the same time as you, whereas in these warmer months not many people are thinking ahead in terms of getting their chimney sweeped.

Similarly, a lot of people wait until fall to go out and gather firewood, but now is by far the best time as the wood will be drier plus it will need a few months to season – as the last thing you want to do is burn wet wood, as it’s bad for your chimney and will produce a lot more smoke than unseasoned wood

Take Care of Your Garden

There are certain things within your garden that are much better to take care of in the warm, dry, sunny months of summer than the wet and windy months of fall.  For instance, it makes sense to check for and take care of any broken tree branches in the gentile summer rather than the blustery fall, as this way, when the storms do come, you aren’t worried about the potential for branches to knock out power lines or fall into your house.

Insulate Your Home

You can never have enough insulation, as it saves so much heat and money – but doing this relatively large job now in the summer months means your house will be nice and cozy through fall and winter.

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