If your children are yet to go back to school, then they soon will be. And while school is a great place for them to be, it can also be a breeding ground for germs as they come into contact with people from all different walks of life. Our kids can be in such close proximity to others that they are likely to transfer germs from one to another, and then bring them into the home. So as you’re getting into the swing of the new school semester, here are some tips to make sure that you are keeping your little ones as healthy as can be, so that their sick days are limited.


Teach Proper Hygiene

If you are a little lax in the things that you teach your children when they’re at home, then they will take those things into the schoolyard. So if hand washing hasn’t been something that you’ve placed a big priority on, then it is time to redress that, as well as other good hygiene habits. Are they washing their hands before mealtimes, or is it only after using the bathroom? If they get in the habit of this kind of thing when they’re at home, then they will get in the habit of doing it when they’re at school too.

Getting Enough Sleep

When our children are well rested it means that they will have more energy to help fight off any coughs or colds that may come their way. How much sleep that they need isn’t an exact science, but it can be a good idea to put them to bed a little earlier than normal if needed. It could also be worth investing in something like an antibacterial mattress protector to help them to stay well and not pick up germs from where they are sleeping. These are all simple things but they can make a difference to how healthy your little ones can be.

Boost Immune System

Getting enough sleep can help to boost your child’s immune system, but that isn’t going to be enough if they don’t have any other healthy habits. So think about what they are eating, particularly for breakfast. This can set them up for the day and give them the energy that they need for being at school. Keeping them active also helps them to boost their immune system, so limit screen time when they are home from school and encourage physical activity as a family.

Look Out For Signs of Stress or Anxiety

Of course, our physical health is only one part of being healthy. Which is why we should be looking out for the mental wellbeing of our children too. They can face some pretty stressful situations, and we don’t want to add to that to make it worse for them. So look out for any signs of stress or anxiety and listen to your children when they tell you how they are feeling. If their mental health needs attention, then it can impact their general health too.

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