You spend almost as much time in the kitchen as you do in your living room, or at least that’s how it feels. The constant demands for breakfast, lunch and dinner seem never ending when you’re catering for a family, so you need to make sure you’re making life as easy for yourself as possible.

From kitchen utensils to tech gadgets that will change your life, we take a look at some of the best additions you can make to your kitchen to make cooking, if not exactly a dream, then certainly a lot more enjoyable.

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Pots and Pans

We know that no one really likes spending too much money on this kind of equipment, it’s far from exciting but forget about buying cheap and cheerful cookware. It bends, it warps and it loses its non-stick qualities very quickly, leaving you and your dishwasher with far more work to do than should be necessary.

So, instead make a great investment in getting hold of pots and pans that come with lifetime guarantees. You might want to consider hard-anodised aluminium pans over just aluminium, so that you can use them on induction hobs without fear of damaging them. Make sure the lids fit well and there are no wobbly handles for pans that will last as long as your family demands your offerings.


As we’re looking at the basics, knives come next. Like saucepans, cheap knives are a false economy not to mention inherently dangerous to use. Unsteady or dull blades can cause you to press down far harder than you should and if you slip while cutting, can cause far more damage than a sharper blade.


Sure, you can fill your home with waffle makers, toasters and microwaves but what else is out there that’s guaranteed to give you a boost every time you walk into your kitchen. For a start you’re going to need a great coffee maker. A compact one that uses capsules and that has the capacity to warm and froth milk is the ideal. There are plenty of cheaper, less functional options on the market to choose from, but why not treat yourself to a morning coffee that really hits the spot?

Consider too investing in a slow cooker. Get your meal prepped the night before, when you have the time and simply turn it on to cook all day while you’re out at work. It will be ready and waiting for you and your family when you’re ready with no drama and fuss.

When you’re the one doing the majority of the catering, you need gadgets that help and not hinder. Making some great investments will help make cooking a breeze and get your organised in the kitchen.

The only drawback will be the demand for more of your delicious creations but at least you’ll enjoy making food in a well-stocked, well-equipped kitchen that answers all of your catering needs. Make some great investments today and transform your kitchen.

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