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Making your home more personal turns it into a place where you want to spend more of your time. It turns a house into a home and gives your home some personality so that it’s recognizable as belonging to you. When you’re trying to add some personal touches to your home, you might find that it’s hard to really customize things. It could still end up looking like a lot of people’s homes instead of having a more unique feel. If you’re struggling to make your home really feel like your own, there could be a few things that you’re missing which could easily change things.

Display Personal Belongings

If you have souvenirs you’ve collected while traveling, gifts people have given to you, or anything else you’ve picked up over the course of your life, don’t just keep it all hidden away. While it can be nice to have a memory box, it’s also fun to display some of your favorite things. You can even frame some things that you might not otherwise have thought to frame. Maybe you have a theater ticket from your first date with your husband or a receipt for the first thing you bought with your first-ever paycheck. These things could be hidden in a scrapbook, but they could also be displayed around your home.

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Make Your Own Home Accessories

Making things for your home is a fantastic way of personalizing it. You first need to pick up some skills and have the right tools to make what you want. You could start making some wooden home accessories with the best wood lathes for beginners and some other essential woodworking tools. If you’re not ready to tackle woodworking, you might want to try getting a sewing machine to sew some things for your home. Oher crafts could be fun to try too, from knitting to candle making.

Don’t Keep It Too Clean

When you have a family, keeping your home spotless is a tough ask. It’s most likely not going to happen, and if it does, it won’t be for very long. But you still might try to keep it as neat as possible. However, if your home is too tidy and clutter-free, it could look a bit too clean. You could risk your home looking like it’s not lived-in if you don’t allow anyone’s personal possessions to occupy the corners of your house.

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Showcase Your Family

Your family should get to be on display in your home. By having signs of your family and showing who you are, it immediately makes your home more personal. Start with family photos around the house, whether they’re hanging on the walls or sitting in frames on various surfaces. Another way to have parts of your family around your home is to display your children’s art or even show off their report cards. You could have everyone’s names displayed too, on bedroom doors and in other places.

Make your home more personal with both big and small touches that lend a unique feel to your environment.

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