Youth is an incredible thing. You drink, eat whatever you want, and tend not to think about your wellbeing too much. Why? It’s because your body rebounds perfectly and you barely feel the after-effects. 

Sure, bones start to creak and muscles ache a little more once you hit your thirties and forties, but it isn’t anything you can’t handle. It’s not as if you’re struggling to get up the stairs like a senior!

All of this can encourage you to forget about your future health. After all, it seems like your golden years are decades away. However, if you don’t plan today, you won’t reap the rewards. Here are four ways to take action now!

Get A Physical

A physical exam is as routine as scheduling an appointment with a doctor and answering a handful of simple questions. Sometimes, to get a better understanding of your health, the physician might perform necessary tests to ensure everything is in good working order. Regardless of your age, it’s essential to have regular physicals to know the base level of your wellbeing. Remember that lots of significant issues that worsen over time, such as heart disease, are asymptomatic in the early stages of life, yet an EKG can uncover the truth.

Remember To Train Your Brain

Have you researched care facilities yet? Okay, it’s too early to commit yourself to a home when there’s still plenty of life left in you and your partner! However, the one thing facilities with older patients and guests do well is to focus on the brain. Cells die off naturally as you age, leaving you exposed to mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thankfully, the likes of tai chi for seniors and resistance training eliminate stress and relieve pressure on the brain. Plus, puzzles and socializing are excellent at maintaining your mental edge, which’s better to do in your early years so that you don’t deteriorate later on.

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Start An Exercise Routine

If you used to work out in your late teens and early twenties yet haven’t in a while, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, this typical trait of middle-aged men and women is incredibly unhealthy as it teaches you bad habits, ones that last for a lifetime. Something as simple as actively exercising two to three times per week, even if it isn’t overly strenuous, will stay with you well into your golden years. The same applies when eating lots of fruits and vegetables. You should aim to consume around six portions of the ones listed in this post for your mental and physical health.

Wear Sun Lotion All The Time

The sun is ever-present, so the risk of skin cancer never goes away. Seriously, two or more people die of skin cancer every second in the US, and your risk of melanoma doubles after five sunburns. The problem is the winter sun – it’s still strong even though the temperature is low. Using a moisturizer with an SPF of thirty or higher should protect you, whatever the weather!

Are you taking your future health seriously?

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