If You Suspect Your Child Has Autism

I just had a touching conversation with a woman who suspects her three-year old nephews might be autistic. However, she doesn’t know how to suggest it to her sister. This reminded me of when I first noticed that my son was different from other babies. Even as a baby younger than 12 months, I knew he was different. He had major sensory issues. He couldn’t feed himself. He was nonverbal for about a … [Read more...]

Forgetting Those Things: New Year’s Resolution for 2017

2016 is almost up, and very soon we are going to see New Year’s resolutions flood social media. I have been reflecting on this year and have been thinking about how I would like to move forward in the New Year. No, I don’t have any goals like losing weight or saving a certain amount of money – although I do aspire to do those things in 2017. No, this year I want to focus on forgetting those things … [Read more...]

Racial Microaggressions in the South

The racial climate in the United States has always been tense. I believe we’ve reached another tipping point, and things are exploding. I moved down south almost two years ago because of the low cost of living and the opportunity to provide a better life for my children as a single parent on a fixed income. I, with God’s help of course, was able to purchase a beautiful home in a great … [Read more...]